New in 2017 – PRE Publisher Alerts

This service identifies data from the manuscript peer-review process that may signal a breach of peer-review policy or cases of identity fraud and therefore may warrant further examination or investigation.

As recent high-profile retractions illustrate, maintaining the integrity of your peer-review process is more urgent than ever. PRE’s new Publisher Alerts notify you of potential breaches to your policies and processes before they become a problem. PRE analyzes select metadata fields, including email addresses, spots irregularities, and flags them in order to give you the opportunity to review and address issues as they develop. Publisher Alerts are one more way PRE helps you maintain the reputation you’ve worked hard to build.

Identity Fraud

  • Email domain validation
  • Email address in use by another contributor

Cozy Academic Relationships

  • Reviewer/author from same institution
  • Reviewer’s institution / author’s funding institution same


  • Only one reviewer
  • Editor is reviewer
  • Author is editor
  • Reviewer is author
  • Overly terse reviewer comments
  • Review submitted shortly after receiving invitation to review

Publishers may choose which alerts they wish to receive, and may set custom thresholds for the alerts assessing time or review length. Additional alerts are under development.

Contact PRE

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