Integrity. Transparency. Trust.

Peer Review Evaluation (PRE) is a transparency service from AAAS that showcases the strength of your peer review process. PRE integrates with your existing workflows and technology platforms to analyze your manuscript tracking system data and tag qualifying articles with a PRE award badge to show readers which articles have been peer reviewed.


  • Show librarians, authors and readers that you are dedicated to openness and integrity.
  • Extend trust in your peer review process with neutral, third-party validation.
  • Attract the best papers from the best authors in an increasingly competitive marketplace.
  • Demonstrate your leadership in advancing the quality of scientific inquiry by implementing cutting-edge peer review initiatives.
  • Reveal the hard work that goes into each article and promote peer review.
  • Spur greater accountability from your peer reviewers and editors.

New developments in 2017

Peer review integrity checks. PRE will effortlessly report to publishers any data that may signal a breach of your peer-review policy, including where: there is only one reviewer; the reviewer and author are from the same institution; email domains are suspect; and others.

Peer review analytics. Files that PRE processes contain large amounts of data that will be analyzed for trends and statistics for publishers to assess the efficacy of your journal management processes and policy decisions..


PRE works with the following commercial and society journals committed to trust and transparency in peer review:

Marcia McNutt
Former Editor-in-chief, Science family of journals

“Saying that scientific content has been peer-reviewed is no longer enough to overcome the mistrust in science that has resulted in part from the variability of journal practices. PRE was built on a conviction that strong, transparent peer review processes usually result in a more trustworthy final product. That benefits the scientific enterprise, and therefore society more broadly.”

Michael Clarke
STM Advisers LLC

“[PRE] supports the mission of AAAS to advance science in service of society. [Its] technology, now backed by AAAS, creates a powerful platform for promoting transparency and integrity in the peer review process across the scholarly publishing community.”

Christian Kohler
Managing Director of Scholarly Journal Publishing for the American Diabetes Associations

“The current system of peer review is incredibly important to researchers and scholarly publishers, but new innovations such as PRE-val allow us to build on that foundation.”


Contact Jim Gilden, PRE Business Development Manager ( or visit to learn how PRE can help you showcase your investment in peer review.